Meet the Team

We are proud to be 3rd generation owners serving the Orlando Community for 50 years!

Gunshop Roster

Justin- One of the grandsons of Ed & Eileen Rieg. Background in the NFL, AFL, CFL before coming to Riegs to help out.

Jesse- One of the grandsons of Ed & Eileen Rieg. Background in college basketball, receiving a Bachelor Degree in Business.

Jeannie- Stole her away from a law firm to run the administrative side of Rieg's. Jeannie is the brains behind the operation.

Jason- Ex marine, serving tours in Afghanistan we are lucky to have Jason on the team, leader through and through. Certified NRA instructor as well.

Jeremy- Ex Army, Jeremy leads by example and is another NRA instructor on staff at Riegs

Jeff- Current Marine Reserve. Jeff is the Stipple master here at Riegs, if you need a stipple, Jeff is your man.

Jada- One of the coolest people you'll ever meet, she does it all and is constantly "showing the boys how its done". 

Brian- Gun Enthusiast all the way through. A best selling author on the side, Brian keeps us in check making sure we are always "abiding by the rules". 

Joe- Blessed to have Joe apart of the family here at Riegs. Working full time at LockHeed Martin, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Security Roster


Frank- Over 30 years experience with Law enforcement and Security. Frank is our lead instructor, teaching the G course, D course, Use of Force & Requal course. 

Sean- One of the best instructors in the game today. Versatile and well rounded Sean is the complete package. With certifications to teach any course we offer here at Rieg's

Kaloni- Newest addition to the team, Kaloni is the glue that keeps everything together taking care of student needs as well as handling any issues that pop up through out the day.

Eileen Rieg- THE OG! Some mean "Original Gangsta"...We mean "Original Grandma" without this lady none of this is even possible, she is still apart of the team and thats the way we like it. She keeps us in line and is always the last line of defense. Without her there is no "Riegs Gunshop or Riegs Security" - The Real MVP


  • Mon - Sat, 10am to 7pm, Sun 12 - 6pm (Ladies Day)   +407-859-5064