About Us

Thank you for your purchase here at Rieg’s Gunshop! We here at Rieg’s are family and as a loyal customer you are now apart of that family. When you buy from a small business instead of retail conglomerate, you are helping keep us in business for future generations. A little history of Rieg’s will help you see where we come from:

Rieg’s was founded, in 1968 by Ed and Eileen Rieg. Starting out in their house with little to no money they sold guns during the day while Ed working at Station 1 as a firefighter in downtown Orlando at night. They found the do’s and dont’s of the gun business as they worked their way to nice middle class living. Finally moving the business out of their house and into their very own store in 1978, the very store we are still in today!

Today Rieg’s is ran by the grandsons of Ed and Eileen, Justin and Jesse. Ed is no longer with us, but Eileen is still enjoying and doing what she loves which is to help teach and instruct our Security school next door. As third generation owners in the gun business Jesse and Justin lived, breathed and shot guns since they were toddlers, its in their blood! They continue to keep on what their Grandparents started and hope to one day have themselves written about by their grandchildren as the legacy continues.

Thank you for your loyal support, tell a friend about what you are apart of here at Rieg’s as we continue to help people any way we can in the firearm industry.

Thank you and God bless!

Rieg’s Family

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